cyclopaedia in red

1728 (first edition)

Printed forthese Booksellers

Printed for:

Knapton, James sen. Bookseller, Ludgate Street 1736K-1737K. As James, John & Paul Knapton. Died 21/2 Nov 1736. Mus.

Darby, John. Printer. Bartholomew Close 1718-1726. Died 6 Feb 1733. Mus. McK.

Midwinter, Daniel. Stationer, Saint Paul's Churchyard 1726-1757. Died 19 Jan 1757. Mus. Plo.

Bettesworth, Arthur & Co. Booksellers nr Saint Paul's, Paternoster Row 1736K-1738I. Died 5 Jun 1739. Mus

Senex, John. Globemaker, Bookseller, Salisbury Court, Fleet Street 1719-1740. Bibliopol, died 1740. Mus. Plo.

Gosling, Robert. Bookseller, Fleet Street 1719-1741. Died Jan 1741. Mus. McK. Pemberton, John. Bookseller, Fleet Street 1736K-1745. Died Feb 1745. Mus. McK. Plo.

Innys & Richardson. Bookseller, Paternoster Row 1753K-1755K. William Innys & Joseph Richardson.

Innys, William. Bookseller, cr Ludgate Street 1742K. Paternoster Row 1745K. Partner with Richard Manby, Joseph Richardson. D. 1 Dec 1756.

Osborne, John. Bookseller, Paternoster Row 1732-1734. Died 13 Mar 1735. Mus. McK.

Longman, Thomas. Bookseller? 39, Paternoster Row 1740C-1755K. Died 18 Jun 1755. Widow died 16 Jan 1762. Mus.

Rivington, Charles. Bookseller? 62, Saint Paul's Churchyard 1736K-1738I. Died 22 Feb 1742. Mus. Succeeded by John (1).

(John Hicke?)

Robinson, Ranew. Bookseller, Saint Paul's Churchyard 1736K-1738I.

Clay, Francis. Bookseller, wo Temple Bar, Strand 1738. Error by Musgrave for Felix Clay.

Ward, Aaron. Bookseller, Little Britain 1721-1747. Died Aug 1747. Mus. McK.

Clay, Francis. Bookseller, wo Temple Bar, Strand 1738. Error by Musgrave for Felix Clay.

Symon, Edward. Bookseller, Cornhill 1722-1741. Died Jun 1741. Mus. McK.

Brown, Daniel. Bookseller, Temple Bar (near) 1736K-1763c. Died 22 Mar 1762. Mus.

(Andrew Johnston?)

Osborne, Thomas. Bookseller. Gray's Inn, Holborn 1763M-1767K. Buys and sells libraries 1763M. Died 22 Aug 1767. Mus.



Longmans is a firm of English publishers.

The founder of the firm, Thomas Longman (1) (1699-1755) was the son of Ezekiel Longman (d. 1708), a gentleman of Bristol. Thomas was apprenticed in 1716 to John Osborn, a Londor bookseller. At the expiration of his apprenticeship he married Osborn's daughter, and in August 1724 purchased the stock and household goods of William Taylor, the first publisher of Robinson Crusoe, for £2282 9s. 6d. Taylorıs two shops were known respectively as the Black Swan and the Ship, in Paternoster Row and became the publishing house premises.

Osborn, who afterwards entered into partnership with his son-in-law, held one-sixth of the shares in Ephraim Chambers's Cyclopaedia of the Arts and Sciences, and Thomas Longman was one of the six booksellers who undertook the responsibility of Samuel Johnson's Dictionary. In 1754 Thomas Longman took his nephew into partnership, the title of the firm becoming T. and T. Longman.


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