French Decorative Bookbinding - Eighteenth Century

Louis Douceur fl. 1721 - 1769
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item 60 description

Pictured at the top of the page is item No. 60 from the 1972 auction catalogue of Raphael Esmerian (Vol. III, page 51, No. 60.) As we have shown on the previous page the imprints found on this binding are identical to imprints found other bindings attributed to Louis Douceur. Below is a collection of the main imprints extracted from item the bindings shown above as well as on the previous two pages. Armed with these imprints, searching for more Douceur bindings should be a simple matter. The Lucretius bindings share a common palette and unique roulette, that may be Douceur trademarks for this period.

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This is only a preliminary catalogue in which I have not included the special tools that were made by Louis Douceur for the La Fontaine, Fables choisies, mises en vers. bindings. A copy of Fables Choisies in a binding decorated with these tools, was recently sold at auction (click to see this listing,) I have copied the information from that auction below along with yet another Lucretius example also recently sold at auction, however without mention of Douceur! (Click to see this listing). Even though this is a very low resolution image we can make out the imprint ' d-26' in the corners as it is also found on the binding of item 60 at the top of the page, this makes 4 examples of 1754 Lucretius bindings with dentelles by Douceur

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