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L'Atelier de Macé and Antoine Ruette.


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Antoine Ruette binding 1655

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This important binding by Antoine Ruette is found in The British Library Database of Bookbindings. I have detailed this binding on another page (click here to see that page). Here again I present the BLDB notes concerning the author of the book inside this binding.

Marin Cureau de la Chambre (1594(?)-1669), had his text bound up as presentation bindings beginning in 1645. 70 examples survive. 3 different workshops were involved, the principal being patronized by Seguier's bookseller, Rocolet. After Rocolet's death, Cureau patronised 3 different workshops in the years 1662, 1664, 1665 called A, B, C, which imitated the previous decoration (Musée Condé Château de Chantilly, Reliures francaises du XVIIe siècle, p. 60, n. 24, Marin Cureau de La Chambre, Les Charactères des passions. Dernier Volume, Paris, Jacques d'Allin, 1662). A very similar example is kept in the Condé Museum, Chantilly (Musée Condé Château de Chantilly, Reliures francaises du XVIIe siècle, p. 58, n. 23, Marin Cureau de La Chambre, Les Charact¸res des passions, volume III De la haine et de la douleur, Paris, Pierre Rocolet, 1659). For a similar example bound for Fouquet (Librairie Sourget, Chartres, Manuscrits et livres précieux. De la Renaissance au Cubisme, p. 232-233, n. 89 on La Chambre, L'art de connoistre les hommes, Paris, P. Rocolet, 1659). Binding reproduced by M. Foot, Les reliures fran¨aises, fig. 4. See I. de Conihout, Les reliures de Marin Cureau de la Chambre et l'atelier "Rocolet" p.

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