Seventeenth Century Finishing Tools - France

Atelier de Macé Ruette 1606-1638

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Macé Ruette binding 1629

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The binding reproduced above is from an invaluable reference work by Philippa Marks, The British Library guide to bookbinding, p. 76, fig. 67 a. It is a rare folio sized binding by Macé Ruette, and is shown here at a reduced size,. Another photograph of this binding is found in The British Library Database of Bookbindings (see shelfmark c183b3) they state that this is a "The Book of Common Prayer [bound with other texts]" and give the place of publication as Cambridge and date of publication as 1629.

I never finished working on this binding which is filled with so many different imprints. Here is a vast wealth of the early tools and techniques of Macé Ruette. A true decorative masterpiece with inlaid leathers of different colors.

La Sainte Bible
Pierre Frizon, (2 vol.) Paris Richer Chevalier, 1621

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