Seventeenth Century Finishing Tools - France

L'Atelier de Macé and Antoine Ruette.


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Macé Ruette binding 1629

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The reproduction of the binding shown above is number 77 in Robert Hoe's book 176 Historic and Artistic Bookbindings Esmerian shows it in his list of Mace Ruette bindings in his Tableau II, under FANFARES MODERN, it is number 10 in this list. It has a printing date of 1621 and Esmerian has given a date of 1621 for its production. Here I think there is an error, this binding features the armes of Louis XIII, Mace Ruette became the Royal binder in 1629, and it seems likely therefore that this binding was made after he became royal binder. In fact the tools used on this binding are not too dissimilar to those found on bindings from 1633 and later. I have tentatively given it a date of 1629 however this will probably be rectified sometime later. Below I show the original item (77) information.

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