Seventeenth Century Finishing Tools - France

L'Atelier de Macé and Antoine Ruette.


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Antoine Ruette binding 1659

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This important binding by Antoine Ruette is found in Tajar auction catalogue #33. I have reproduced below the item (47) details as well as the title page which has been shown along with the binding. This is yet another Charenton binding by Ruette I have described three others on a previous page (click to see this page). There is something very mysterious about the connection between Antoine Ruette and the bookbinding workshop that is now known as the L'ATELIER DE CHARENTON , the decorative bindings from this workshop imitate closely those of Ruette and were actually decorated with some of Ruette's tools. Sometime later they may have relocated to Amsterdam to avoid persecution as Protestants.

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Comparative Diagram 1 - Three decorative bindings from The British Library Database of Bookbindings
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