French Decorative Bookbinding - Sixteenth Century

l'atelier des reliures LOUIS XII et FRANÇOIS Ie
the decorative bookbindings from the workshops of Louis XII and Francis I

Inventory - reliure No. 5

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(No. 5) François Tissard, liber gnomagynicus Paris, G. de Gourmont 1507, upper cover.

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Located in Paris, Bibliothèque Sainte Geneviève, X. 292


see also: E. Dacier - L'atelier de reliures Louis XII no. 4 Plate VI

Note: The title shown above liber gnomagynicus is that which was used by J. Guignard for his inventory item No.5, the Bibliothèque Sainte Geneviève data listed by Gid does not match, however in the list of reference notes it is listed as Guignard No. 5

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